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We discreetly detect, inspect, and remove all bed bugs, including eggs, with our 60 day Bed Bug FREE Guarantee.

Fast, Safe, and Discreet Bed Bug Removal and Extermination

We understand that having bed bugs, and exterminating them can be very embarrassing. Bed bugs do not discriminate and they are only becoming a bigger problem. Treating bed bug infestations with heat is the ONLY method of treatment that has been proven effective in just ONE treatment.


Our highly advanced, efficient, and eco-friendly equipment can heat and automatically regulate the temperature over 5,000 sqft in an hour to lethal temperature, remotely!


Woman holding her baby because of safe bed bug heat treatments

Thermal heat treatment is the solution for people with chemical sensitivities (including young children and pregnant women) and is ideal for healthcare environments.


Our technicians will arrive in unmarked vehicles with specialized equipment allowing for two 1-inch hoses to be used and they will set up most of the equipment inside.

Using anything but Indiana Bed Bug Assassin’s effective thermal heat treatment could result in bed bugs coming back. Eliminate that fear by calling the professionals at Indiana Bed Bug Assassin today. We specialize in Bed Bug removal. It is all we do!

The MOST ADVANCED Bed Bug Removal Heat Treatment System In The Industry. We Guarantee To Eradicate Your Bed Bug Problem In 1 Day.

IBBA Is A Pest Control Company That Specializes In One Thing: COMPLETE BED BUG ERADICATION!

With locations in Columbus, Shelbyville, Franklin, Plainfield, & Greenfield, we proudly serve all of Central and Southern Indiana. We are discreet in providing our bed bug heat treatment by using unmarked equipment to help keep your family’s problem confidential.

IBBA's Professional Equipment

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Why Heat Treatments Are The Best Method At Removing Bed Bugs

Treating bed bug infestations with heat is the ONLY method of treatment that has been proven effective in just ONE treatment. Heat treatments:

  • Are cost effective, 
  • Non-toxic and environmently safe, and 
  • Do not damage the home or its contents.

Chemical treatments can be ineffective and don’t remove bed bug eggs. This means you have to have multiple treatments without promise that you will be bed bug free! Why pay someone to spray dangerous chemicals all over your home when it might not even work?

"It Is Almost Impossible To Eradicate Bed Bugs With Chemicals Alone."

Dr. Dino Miller, National Pest Management Association/Virginia Tech University

Bed Bug Extermination Services Happen In 3 Simple Steps

While having bed bugs is no ones idea of a good time, you may find that exterminating the bed bug infestation is much simpler than you have been lead to believe. Our process is simple:

Step 1: Preparation

Our technicians will discuss preparation for treatment at your free consultation. We will schedule a time that works best to come back and treat.

Step 2: Extermination

Our professional technicians will arrive DISCREETLY to your residence or business in unmarked vehicles & equipment to remove the bed bug infestation for good.

Step 3: Review

Two weeks after your treatment, our technicians will come back and inspect for any signs of a still active infestation.  If any other treatment is needed, we will do it that day.

Request A FREE Bed Bug Inspection!

Indiana Bed Bug Assassins is a pest control company that specializes in 1 thing: COMPLETE BED BUG EXTERMINATION! Using the most advanced Bed Bug Heat Treatment System in the industry, we guarantee to eradicate your bed bug problem in 1 day. Contact us now to be Bed Bug Free today!

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