Are Landlords and Business Owners Liable for Bed Bugs in Their Place of Business?

In the last 20 years, bed bugs cases have increased at epic proportions.

As the bed bug epidemic grows, states across the U.S. are writing more specific laws about bed bugs in regards to businesses and landlords.

While specific laws in Indiana do not take regard to bed bugs, landlords are responsible for delivering tenants with a safe, clean, habitable living arrangement. Having a bed bug problem in your rental or business is not the word you want spreading out on the street. Tenants may be able to break their lease because of bed bugs. This will cost you money. There have been cases in California and Maryland where tenants have successfully sued and WON against landlords for not properly taking care of bed bugs in their rental units. These cases have cost business owners millions of dollars. Hotels and other businesses are not immune. A family recently received a $546,000 lawsuit against a hotel for bites suffered while staying in their facility.

Regardless of how the bed bugs entered the premises, ULTIMATELY the responsibility of treating the problem lies with you. If your tenants broke lease and moved because of the problem, now you are out money and stuck with a bed bug infestation. By being proactive in treatment, you are saying to your current and potential clients that their health and safety are important to you. You will gain trust and respect and be known as an attentive business owner.