Bed Bug bedroom

Detecting an Infestation

Do not panic.  Do not start moving items or furniture out of the infested area!!  This could spread bugs to the rest of the dwelling.  It may be tempting, but DO NOT start sleeping in another area of the house to get away from the bugs.  This can cause the bugs to spread, looking for a meal.

Bed bugs are small and as thin as a sheet of paper.  They will hide in the smallest cracks and crevices, but when the infestation is localized, are usually found near their food source. Things to look for during inspection are live bed bugs at all stages of life, brown or rust colored spots, where the bugs have defecated or have been smashed, and a sickly sweet odor. The following are the prime spots for detecting bed bugs in your home.

The Mattress

The first place to examine is the bed.  Carefully inspect the linens for any brown spots.  This could be blood.  Remove the linens from the mattress and inspect all seams, borders, folds, etc.

The Box Spring

Remove the mattress and move down to the box spring.  This is a bed bug hotspot!  They love to hide here because they can easily hide inside.  Lift up the box spring and examine all folds and seams carefully.  Look at the underside on and around the wooden slats.

The Bed Frame and Headboard

Behind and in headboards are another close and preferred hiding spot.  If your headboard is attached to the wall, you will have to remove it to have a look behind.  If your headboard is upholstered, carefully inspect the seams and around any buttons.  Look around the frame at spots that seem good for hiding.  On a metal frame, this could be screw holes, or where the frame has been welded.

Other Areas

Other areas to inspect are behind photos hanging in the room, behind light switches and electrical outlets, in other furniture such as bedside tables and dressers, and even drapes hanging in the room. Inspect couches and chairs thoroughly, especially where legs screw into the sofa and inseams around cushions.

NOTE:  Bed Bugs seem to love bed skirts.  Check yours carefully, and consider doing away with it if you do not need it.