Bed bug treatment competition

Heat vs Chemical Bed Bug Treatments

Heat Treatments

Heat is a proven non-chemical, non-toxic, environmentally safe method of treating for bed bugs. It works by generating clean, dry heated air by slowly raising temperatures to levels no bed bugs or their eggs can survive.

  • High Success Rates
  • Immediate Single Treatment Elimination
  • Non-toxic – Chemical Free – Environmentally Safe
  • No Odors
  • No Resistance Issues
  • Penetrates Wall Cavities, Mattresses and Hard to Reach Areas
  • Kills all Stages of Bed Bugs Including Eggs
  • Limited Discarding of Items
  • Can be Applied to Specific Targeted Areas as Well as Entire Structures
  • Minimum Time Away
  • Minimum Preparation
  • No Health Risks – Safe For People And Pets Immediately After Treatment
  • Sanitizes and Disinfects
  • Bed bugs are NOT resistant to heat. They all die at 122 degrees.

Chemical Treatments

Chemicals are applied to the affected area to eliminate bed bugs. Failure rates for chemicals are greater because of chemical resistance issues. This method cannot be used in chemically sensitive environments and will delay the use of post treatment inspections by canines.

  • Low Success Rates
  • Resistance Issues
  • Does not penetrate or destroy eggs
  • Clutter Influences Effectiveness
  • Limits use of Canines (30 days)
  • Repeated Treatments Required
  • May Spread Bed Bugs
  • Some Items May Need Discarding
  • Requires Extensive Prep Work
  • Health Issues
  • Possible Added Costs
  • No Guarantees of Success
  • Application time & effort is extensive.
  • Bed bugs are becoming 1000X more resistant to chemicals than 10 years ago.