Indiana Bed Bug Assassins Proudly Offers Treatment to All Types of Businesses

Indiana Bed Bug Assassins offer commercial treatment options for your office, apartment building, hotel, or other work space.  We would be happy to come in and treat your business with confidentiality and respect. We offer free inspections at your home or business, where our licensed professionals will complete a discreet assessment of your situation and provide you with a quote for services. You can also rent our professional equipment and treat the space yourself.  Either way, Indiana Bed Bug Assassins are with you every step of the way.

Hotels and Motels

Try our IPM approach to prevent bed bugs from becoming an unmanageable and revenue losing fiasco.

Nursing & Medical Facilities

The most vulnerable victims for bed bugs to feed on.  Don’t give your facility a bad name, get rid of bed bugs quick and easy with IBBA!
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One bug can wreak havoc on your whole rental property.  Call us before the situation gets out of hand, and get rid of the bugs FAST!

Offices and Daycares

So many people in and out, the bugs could come in from anywhere!  Don’t spend time wondering where they came from, call us and let put bed bugs in their place, dead!

The MOST ADVANCED Bed Bug Removal Heat Treatment System In The Industry. We Guarantee To Eradicate Your Bed Bug Problem In 1 Day.

All Businesses That Have People Inside, Have the Potential to Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are social insects and travel by hiding in bags, boxes, clothing, etc. Anywhere people have belongings, bed bugs could invade. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your business, call us for a free inspection. Other items to note:

  • Usually commercial bed bug infestations take longer to establish, as there are not readily available, easily accessed hosts
  • Bed bugs could be brought in by employees or customers, but no one should take blame if they are found in the business
  • Should active infestation be found, be upfront with employees about the situation and steps they can take to prevent spreading the bugs
  • Thorough cleaning and vacuuming of the work space can help eliminate spread but will not stop the problem.
  • Bed bugs can and will come out during light if that is the only time a host may be available for a meal
  • Prevent negative feedback on your business by adopting our IPM approach to pest control!

Integrated Pest Management Programs

Integrated Pest Management programs, or IPMs for short, are a method of trying to prevent bed bugs before they happen. They are designed to catch signs of infestation early, making treating the problem simpler. Businesses that use IPM systems to monitor for bed bugs and other pests are more successful in treatment and spend less money on eradication. Let Indiana Bed Bug Assassins help your hotel, rental property, nursing facility or other business stay on top by integrating bed bug prevention and treatment options with a series of yearly, monthly or otherwise timed inspections, treatments, and monitoring tools.