Meet Bella

Bella is Indiana Bed Bug Assassins Specially Trained Bed Bug Detection K-9

We want to invite you to meet Bella, IBBA’s awesome team member!  Bella is a specially trained and certified bed bug detection dog from Iron Heart Dog Trainers.  Like any other specially trained dog, Bella has been through rigorous certification and training in order to be able to detect a bed bug infestation as small as ONE BUG!!

Patch is certified by the NESDCA and meets all standards required to achieve his title as an bed bug inspection K9.  Patch is continually training and focused on keeping his detection skills sharp!

Meet Patch

A K-9 detection dog adds a second layer of precision when searching for a bed bug infestation. It can make identifying infestation at its early stages simpler, and therefore treatment of infestation easier. The sooner the bed bugs are discovered, the less established they have become in the dwelling.


Can Dogs Be Trained To Detect Bed Bug Infestations?

Dogs can be trained to detect a number of things.  Bombs, drugs, cadavers, mold, termites and YES even bed bugs!!  Using a dog to detect a bed bug infestation can be a great tool, especially if the infestation is smaller and less established.  Dogs may be able to find bugs hidden where a normal human inspection would normally miss!!
Our company offers the most accurate scent detecting technology in Indiana for locating bed bugs, a dog’s nose. Our dog, Patch, has extensive training and is a Certified Bed Bug Dog. He able to find bed bugs with 95% accuracy (versus about 30-40% for a human only inspection). Patch can help you, your family and your guests sleep well at night.
Residential and commercial inspections will include homes, apartments, condos, dorms, hotel rooms, town homes, etc. As part of the bed bug inspection, we will also help train you or your staff so they will have the proper tools to recognize the bed bug problem before it gets out of hand.
Call today for an estimate, an appointment, or for any questions you might have. We provide an accurate K9 inspection, alerting you with an early warning of bed bug activity. This will help keep treatment costs down, and let you sleep more comfortably at night.

The MOST ADVANCED Bed Bug Removal Heat Treatment System In The Industry. We Guarantee To Eradicate Your Bed Bug Problem In 1 Day.

Preventative Maintenance and Early Detection Are Key To Be Bed Bug Free!

IBBA’s K9 detection dog can keep a potential problem from exploding into a bigger infestation. K9 bed bug detection can help lessen the chances of your property or business from ever appearing in the news or on a bed bug alert website.

How Do Dogs Find Bed Bugs?

The dogs find bugs just like they find other things they are trained for, by scent.  Bed bugs have a particular scent and detection dogs have been specially trained to look for this scent and identify an infestation.  Bed bug detection dogs have been able to identify a single bed bug in a room, something a human alone may have missed.

Indiana Bed Bug Assassin Detection K9

At IBBA, our dog has been specially trained and certified to detect bed bug infestations.  Patch and his handler are always at work and constantly training to ensure that his detection skills stay sharp.  Much like a police or service dog, Patch is always working and needs to stay focused on the job at hand.